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Win a bottle of Sash & Fritz Vodka and a cocktail making kit

The guys at Garnish Communications are drinks specialists and they get to look after some of the sexiest brands out there. Sash & Fritz is one of those, a newish German vodka making waves in London and beyond. As well as starting to appear in the hip bars dotted around the city, you can see this smooth premium vodka making itself known in pop-ups and festivals in the coming months.

We thought it would be rude not to let you have a taste in the comfort of your own home. Not only that, we are throwing in an expert cocktail making kit. So yep, you can impress your mates with your martini skills, as you mix your concoctions and shake it like a polaroid picture. All you have to do is give us some Instagram love. Follow us and when you spot the Sash & Fritz vodka instagram post – tag a mate who is a lover of vodka – then you are done. If you are going to be a cocktail making whizz, you should at least know what goes into what will be your new favourite tipple.

Get social, get following and get tagging. Winner will be announced in April! This competition is only available to members.