Favourite Five Food + Drink

Favourite Five: Burgers

Bleecker Street.
Is it believable that an ex lawyer who moved from New York to London and started a food truck, could serve one of the best burgers I have tasted. Yep, it’s a thing. Bleecker Burger now has three locations and one is deliveroo distance away from me. All their burgers are yummy (moist meat – yes please!) and the angry fries are to die for with lashings of blue cheese and chilli sauce.
Spitalfields | Victoria | City

Patty & Bun.
The Ari Gold Burger is the one. Named after the charismatic and wickedly funny character in Entourage, it is a bold burger. Tasty beef, pickled onions, smoky mayo, ketchup and brioche. If you have their rosemary salt chips, make sure you grab their roast chicken mayo. Delicious.
Brighton | Marylebone | Notting Hill | Hammersmith | City | Hackney | Soho | Shoreditch | Fitzrovia

Bar Boulud.
Extravagance is key here. Firstly, it’s within the very flashy Mandarin Oriental Hotel – a common famous folk haunt. Then you have the choice of toppings – I go all out and have the beef burger with foie gras and short rib. Now that is a posh burger.

Dirty Burger.
It’s really dirty. Messy freshly made burgers from the folk behind Soho House Group. Not a first date dish unless you are cool with dirty fingers and sauce/meat dripping from your mouth. It is mouth watering good.
Shoreditch | Whitechapel | Crouch End | Vauxhall | Balham | St John’s Wood | Tooting | Wimbledon | Chicago

Meat Mission.
Not only do they do great burgers (and hot dogs), they are dog friendly too. It is so refreshing to be able to spend some quality dining time with ‘man’s best friend’. I hereby bow at the alter of this fine establishment.